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Bob Returns for Tekken 7: FR! New Character Master Raven Announced!

Yep, our favorite BIG Superhero fighting with SPEED and WEIGHT is back for Tekken 7, either for PS4/XB1/PC, as announced at EVO 2016. Bob, introduced back in Tekken 6, has been proven to be one of the main powerhouse that carried the franchise’s unique and awesome gameplay. Now that he’s back as an addition to the new roster, expect HEAVY grinding!


Another character announced from console release is Master Raven. Nope, we’re not talking about this Raven who debuted in Tekken 5.


We talkin’ ’bout this sheila over here.


For whatever reason that Raven suddenly became a girl (or they just share the same name), that we don’t know. What we do know however, is that Master Raven is a second case. The first one was Josie Rizal, whose move set was mainly Bruce Irvin’s but with its own uniqueness suited for Josie alone. Regardless of which, this female Raven’s skills are off the chart! I’d be more than happy to try her out as soon as the game releases!

Anyways, so that’s that. We’re hoping to see more roster additives to the console release of Tekken 7. Stay tuned here at TheFanboySeo for further updates! Here’s a video of their sample gameplay while we’re at it. Cheers and enjoy!


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