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Negan Kills A Major Baddie in The Walking Dead (SPOILERS)

I’ve just begun the ‘Whiperers’ arc for Image Comics The Walking Dead and was quite shocked with how the arc is closing and I also find myself cheering for Negan and his brutal actions.

Mind you MAJOR SPOILERS below. Proceed with caution.


First let me introduce you to the two characters for this post:



In the TV show, he’s played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan…


Negan is a main character and an antagonist first encountered in Issue 100 of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead and the protagonist in Here’s Negan. He is the former leader of The Saviors and a primary antagonist in the Comic Series. He uses his authority and resources to subjugate other communities, such as the Hilltop Colony, The Kingdom, and later the Alexandria Safe-Zone, into paying tribute to The Saviors, in exchange for protection against zombies.

The communities join together and start a conflict against The Saviors, which ends up with Dwight, former lieutenant and defector, taking charge of The Saviors, now willing to cooperate with all survivors leading to the four communities setting up their trade routes. Negan is then incarcerated, receiving a life sentence. He serves as the primary antagonist from Volume 17: Something To Fear to Volume 21: All Out War – Part Two, but has also been present as a recurring antagonist since Volume 22: A New Beginning to Volume 26: Call To Arms. As of Volume 27: The Whisperer War, it’s unknown what his true intentions are.



Alpha is a main character and an antagonist first encountered in Issue 132 of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead. She is the leader of a large survivor group known as The Whisperers and is the mother of Lydia. She served as the primary antagonist of the series from Volume 22: A New Beginning to Volume 26: Call To Arms.

More than that she’s also famous for butchering some of the key characters from the series including Rosita Espinosa…


She kills Rosita, beheads her, puts it on a spike and lets the corpse turn into a zombie; which Andrea eventually kills.

Now that we’re kinda up to speed, here’s what transpired in the latest issue of The Walking Dead


Negan manages to get near the Whispers and is even eager to prove himself to the group; his intentions are different. But he then sees two Whiperers about to sexual assault a female survivor and he suddenly does a heel-turn-face.

The commotion in turn calls the attention of Alpha who starts a rather lengthy discussion between her and Negan. They talk about power, violence and leader and by the end of the dialogue Negan’s had enough of her crap.


He taunts her a bit before finally slitting her throat.


Then in true bad guy fashion he returns to Rick Grimes’ survivor colony smiling and savage as fuck.

Pretty damn good issue. Expect a review over the weekend.

Credits: CBR


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