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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Gets English Trailer

The official Pokemon Youtube Channel has begun streaming the English dubbed trailer for the upcoming Pokemon games Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!

pokemon sun pokemon moo

The trailer wasn’t just meant to hype up the game which comes out exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS but also to introduce important Pokemons which will appear in the game. First watch the trailer below:

The Pokemons featured in this trailer includes:

Tapu Koko (Kapu Kokeko), an Electric/Fairy type
Charjabug (Denchimushi), a Bug/Electric type that evoles from Grubbin
Vikavolt (Kuwaganon) a Bug/Electric type that evolves from Charjabug
Drampa (Jijiiron), a Normal/Dragon type
Bruxish (Hagigishiri), a Water/Psychic type
Cutiefly (Aburii), a Bug/Fairy type
Togedemaru, an Electric/Steel type

Oh and we also get to see the Zygarde’s Perfect Form here which really, really reminds me of Digimon for obvious reasons. No hate on that though, Digimon is its own unique pocket creature.

Apologies also for not introducing you to the three starting Pokemons for this game.

We’ve got Rowlet, Litten and Popplio (which I totally abhor because it reminds me of that seal from Madagascar).

Lastly the legendary Pokemons for this game are:

Solgaleo for Pokemon Sun

Solgaleo for Pokemon Sun

Lunala for Pokemon Moon

Lunala for Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be available in November 18 for Japan and North America.

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