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Marvel’s Contest of Champions Introduces the Civil Warrior

Its been a while since we covered anything about a Marvel game and so we now have a look at the Civil Warrior for Marvel’s Contest of Champions.


As part of celebrating the 75th anniversary of Captain America, Marvel dishes out a special character for Contest of Champions that pretty much gives us another alternate look at a potential reality post-Civil War.


The Contest of Champions even provide a nice backstory for the Civil Warrior.


So apparently in another reality in the Marvel multiverse, Steve and Tony fight to the death and when the dust settles its Steve that emerges victorious.

To be honest, I kind of fancy the design but I really dont like the name. I dig Iron Patriot’s name though.

civil warrior marvel contest of champions

Judging from the move set this character will be based on Cap but I heard they will be incorporating something from Iron Man’s move set as well.

Unluckily for us, this will require a big enough amount of crystals to be able to unlock the character, one of the more frustrating things about Contest of Champions.

Still Civil Warrior is a good addition to your team if you’re a completist type of CoC player.

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