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Who is Scott Eastwood Playing in Suicide Squad?

Scott Eastwood has a role Suicide Squad but we never found out who he will be playing. Today we revisit this unresolved plot from the David Ayer movie.


There have been several characters linked to the actor. Top of the list is Steve Trevor, who was a love interest for Wonder Woman. That could have been true like a year or so ago but thats not the case anywhere with the casting of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor for the solo Wonder Woman pic.

The next possible role that Eastwood would be playing is that of Deathstroke. Fans have rallied to this casting but we feel he’s too young to play the role of the Teen Titans’ main enemy. Plus it will take too much time to build up his story in a movie filled with potentially great DC villains.


The next character that could potentially be a good fit for the son of the legendary actor is Dick Grayson.


This one hit us hard because truth be told Eastwood does look like rugged, scruffy Dick Grayson. He also looks like a young ward for Batman played in the DCEU by Ben Affleck. He’s athletic and lean too and he can actually act.

Sadly it doesnt really look like Dick Grayson aka Nightwing would fit in a dark story like Suicude Squad.

The last and most probably the best choice for Eastwood would be Nemesis.


Nemesis is a normal level hero with superior training which he uses to stop global threats from both human and metahuman sources. Is real name is Thomas Andrew Tresser and is a top spy and vigilante.

Because of his background in disguise and espionage, it could be easy for him to slip into Belle Reeve sometime before the start of the movie and become friends with other guards.

What do you think guys? Who could Scott Eastwood play in Suicide Squad?

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