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REVIEW: Finding Dory

The Fanboy SEO reviews the film Finding Dory featuring the voice of Ellen Degeneres as Dory. Now showing.


The movie takes place a year after Finding Nemo and its really one of the more interesting sequels that came out from Disney and Pixar.

I am really not sure why but I really did enjoy this one on the same level as ‘Nemo’. Maybe its the condensed version of their travel to California or its the new and interesting characters or the appeal of young Dory.

Seriously, chibi Dory is kawai.

I was wrong when I initially thought that Dory would be bland and lame. I was happily wrong. Its got feels, it drives characters further and touches on some of the previous things that we’ve learned about Dory; like how she can talk to whales.


The actual main drive of the story which is going back home to her parents was done just right. Its such a treat to see them reunited.

Secondary arcs are also limited which I think is good. Why? Because it keeps things simple. So for this its really jus Nemo and Marlin’ short adventure after getting separated from Dory. And how they should do things like Dory does it.

The two whales introduced here are also fun. Talking about Destiny the whale shark and Bailey the beluga whale. They got a few laughs in and totally loved that. There’s also the octopus Hank.

Visually ‘Dory’ was a treat especially for kids. I liked how the 3D worked for the film and I really did not feel like it was a weaker sequel. Colors bursting and the more tense scenes really benefited from the 3D conversion.

Music-wise Finding Dory had its ups and downs but I am steering more towards a thumbs up. Loved the pop theme and holy hell they did a reprise for “Just Keep Swimming”.



A great movie for kids all ages and even for older, jaded adults.

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