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How Did New 52 Superman Die? Superman # 52 Spoilers

We really want to touch on DC Rebirth books but before doing so, we wanted to make sure everybody’s on the same page and also wanted to feature some story beats like the death of New 52 Superman and why Pre-New 52 Superman is back in the spotlight.

Superman (2011-) 052-000

Check out the variant cover for this issue…

Superman (2011-) 052-002The New 52 Superman’s death occured in Superman # 52 by Peter Tomasi and Mikel Janin. It’s the final chapter of the story arc that not only pits Superman with a superpowered man who thinks he’s Superman but also the first time New 52 Clark meets Pre-New 52 Clark Kent. What? Huh? More on that soon.

Anyway, the book opens with the big fight between the two Supermen…

Superman (2011-) 052-004

Clark tries to explain to Denny Swan what’s actually happening but the guy kinda lost it a few chapters back, so no dice amigo.

During the superfight, we also see  New 52 Superman display variations to his powers, like Green K laser beams.

Superman (2011-) 052-007

Because of his weakened state, Denny-boy easily beats our Superman. Luckily for the latter, backup arrives…

Superman (2011-) 052-008

Supergirl arrives and saves her cousin from the rogue Superman. The cavalry also arrives and in a rather bad-ass fashion no less.

Superman (2011-) 052-009

Yes, Wonder Woman and Batman arrive as well. But we need to talk about how Batman just casually runs over fake Supes with his jet. Didn’t even bat an eye this Batman fellow.

Unfortunately for them, just like Supergirl, they get their asses handed to them.

Superman (2011-) 052-011

At this point in the story, Superman recovers enough energy and he’s had enough of this wacko’s shit. He takes him up into outer space and do a little bit more talking…

Superman (2011-) 052-012

The coolest moment comes when Pre-New 52 Superman joins the fight and carries the two New 52 denizens to outer space. After years of being incognito, the man still has it.

Bad news though, New 52 Superman doesn’t want help, he actually states that the world needs Pre-New 52 Clark which is the reason for getting punched in the face.

Superman (2011-) 052-014

Because Nuclear Man Denny is about to explode, Clark flies him off to space to counter the explosion with his new power dubbed the Solar Flare. He hopes to absorb the energy which could kill millions (or so I’m told).

Superman (2011-) 052-016

After absorbing the radiation, Clark falls back to Earth and gets rescued by the older Superman.

Superman (2011-) 052-017

One by one Superman’s friends, family and allies arrive at the scene. First we’ve got his “team” back when he was fighting Brainiac in the “Doomed” mini-event; Lana Lang and John Henry Irons…

Superman (2011-) 052-018Lois Lane also shows up, we’re talking New 52 Lois Lane and not Old Man Supes’ wife.

Superman (2011-) 052-019

Finally Batman and Wonder Woman say goodbye to Clark as he slowly dies from his injuries…

Superman (2011-) 052-020I recently saw “Wrath of the Titans” again on cable and Superman dies exactly like how Liam Neeson’s Zeus dies onscreen.

Superman (2011-) 052-021

After this, news spread like wildfire that the New 52 Superman has perished and we get to see the different reactions to his death. Nobody is happy though.

Superman (2011-) 052-022Superman (2011-) 052-023

The end the issue with Lois Lane writing a eulogy of sorts for the fallen Man of Steel. Yeah, I reject you Lois, for friendzoning Clark to begin with.

We’ll be doing Superman Rebirth # 1 tomorrow folks!

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