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Ubisoft Philippines Releases Job Requirements for 3D Artist Job Vacancy

Remember a few months ago when Ubisoft Philippines opened it’s doors here in the country and they claimed they were looking for local talent?

Well they now have released the official requirements for their 3D Artist position and it seems like they are hiring the best and in bulk.

ubisoft philippines

you know, my 3D art skills suck but I’m sure that there are hundreds of talented Filipinos and Filipinas who can start their careers from what Ubisoft Philippines is offering.

I’m also excited already to see their contribution for the next Assassin’s Creed game which will come out between 2017 to 2019. Because I’ll be reviewing the game knowing full well that kababayans worked hard on this game.

Oh and there’s a rumor I heard that Ubisoft will be taking in work for Mass Effect Andromeda. That one I’m not entirely sure, either way, this is definitely good not just for the country but for morale here.

Bless thy soul Ubisoft Philippines.

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