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Unofficial Wolverine 3 Plot Leaked on the Internet

A few days ago we were doing Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s supposed plot and today we’ll do a supposed “leaked” (read: could be fake) plot for Wolverine 3 aka Old Man Logan.

wolverine x-men days of future past old man logan

Find out about this after the jump.

2034, 10 years after the epilogue of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, and the world has been reduced to a post-apocalyptic dystopia after an all-out war between humans and mutants toppled the United States government. Weapon X was then reactivated to destroy the mutant race through which any means necessary, and most of the X-Men have died in the crossfire, attempting to end the conflict.

Logan is one of the sole survivors, and lives in an isolated cabin in the Canadian wilderness, haunted by the fractured memories of both timelines and blaming himself for erasing one nightmarish future only to create one perhaps even worse. He claims that “Wolverine” is dead and refuses to use his claws.

One day, a group of mutant resistence fighters led by Iceman shows up at his doorstep. They’ve intercepted a convoy transporting Weapon X’s new asset from their main base of operations to one of their outposts, and need to deliver it to Professor Charles Xavier, who is stationed in Mutant Town, a mutant foxhole. The path there is tortuous, and Logan is the only one who knows how to outmaneuver the dangers that await them on their way back to the United States.

Logan is reluctant, until he learns the asset is X-23, a clone created based on his DNA by Weapon X’s sponsor, the Essex Corporation. Shortly afterwards, a group of Weapon X enforcers led by vicious and sadistic Captain Knox attack Wolverine’s cabin. Iceman’s men are slaughtered, and Iceman sacrifices himself to bid Logan and X-23 enough time to escape into the wilderness.

Knox and his men pursue them, and Logan realizes, based on his own memories, that there is a tracking device embedded in X-23’s arm. He slices it open with a machete, pulls it out and uses it to lure Knox and his men away. He finds a cave for them to hide and spends the night comforting X-23 as she heals from her injuries. Knox and his men burn down Logan’s cabin and order all exits to the town to be closed.

The following day, Logan returns to his cabin and seems the bodies of Iceman and his men being uncerimoniously loaded into Weapon X trucks for dissection. He retrieves a map brought by Iceman with the resistence outposts and sneaks back to the cave to check on X-23, but she’s still weak and malnourished.

Logan and X-23 evade Knox’s men and hide in one of the local houses, belonging to a kindly local doctor, Curtis. Logan feeds her while Curtis notes that X-23 is in a deep state of shock, and refuses to talk. Logan tells him she can manage and begins gathering supplies to leave town before Knox and his men find him, wanting nothing to do with Xavier’s resistence.

Curtis argues that Logan can’t leave X-23 behind, as she will be located and executed by Weapon X. Logan is reminded that X-23 saved his life from one of Knox’s men durin the ambush, and begrudgingly decides to bring her alone. Curtis volunteers to smuggle them out of town on his truck.

As Curtis attempts to exit Knox’s curfew, ostensibly to fetch medicine from a nearby town required to run his practice, one of Knox’s men uses a gene-tracking device and picks up Logan and X-23 hiding in the trunk. Logan fends the soldiers off and a chase ensues, leading to the outskirts of town, where Curtis’ leg is broken in a crash. He tells Logan and X-23 to leave him behind and they move forward. Knox and his men later find Curtis on the side of the road, and he lies to them that Logan forced him to help, pointing out he’s human and is on “their side”. Knox says he renounced the right to call himself human when he chose helping a mutant over death, and shoots Curtis in the head. Knox then orders his men to mobilize and find the fugitives, and gets a call from “The Director”, demanding a mission report. He says that the asset has escaped and made contact with the “primary subject”.

Logan and X-23 journey to the nearest Resistence outpost, where Logan intends to deliver X-23 to the resistence and leave on his own. As they spend the night in the woods, Logan attempts to communicate with her, but she is withdrawl. He asks for her name, but she doesn’t remember and refers herself by her assigned identity, “Weapon X Subject 23”. Logan asks what she does remember, and she only answers “pain”.

Logan leads X-23 through a secret path he created, transversing the forest rather than the neighboring towns, where Knox’s men are stationed, ready to capture them. After several days, Logan remarks that X-23 is lagging behind and urges her to sleep, but she refuses. He tells her that if she doesn’t rest, her body will begin shutting down even with her healing factor, and she’ll drag them down. She reluctant falls asleep, and Logan notes that his injuries from the car crash still haven’t completely healed after days. His healing factor appears to be fading away due to old age.

Knox receives a report that Logan’s trail has gone cold, and Knox deduces that Logan is doing, remarking that Logan is a natural survivor. He asks if the equipment has arrived, and one of his soldiers confirms it has. Knox then deploys it to scout the area and find Logan and X-23: The equipment is a modified, salvaged Sentinel.

Logan has nightmares of his own time at Weapon X and awakens to find X-23 watching him. She tells him he shut down and repeats his words about the dragging them down. They’ve found an inkling of kinship, but Logan then senses the Sentinel moving in the woods.

The Sentinel opens fire at them, but they escape further into the woods, with the Sentinel pursuing them. However, Knox and his men have circled around them and move in and surround them. Knox arrives, shoots X-23 in the head to subdue her and loads her into the van, before shooting Wolverine several times in the chest and dragging him along.

Logan and X-23 are in a truck with Knox. X-23 panics when she sees him. Knox regards her as an animal and tells Logan she used to be his little pet back at Weapon X, before demonstrating their favorite game, in which he shoots X-23 in a new place to see how much pain she feels and how long it takes for her to heal. He shoots her in the stomach and taunts her more, telling her that she was a fool to believe Logan could help her.

Knox then tells X-23 the true story of how Wolverine died: During Weapon X’s offensive on the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters, Wolverine was shot with a drug designed to counter his healing factor, which led him to believe his fellow X-Men were the enemy. Logan slaughtered several of his friends and students that day before Professor Xavier managed to subdue him.

However, he had to be left behind in the collpasing mansion as the few survivors fled, and emerged from the wreckage a broken man. He swore off on Wolverine and left for Canada. Among Wolverine’s victims that day were Rogue, Cyclops and Beast.

Knox also compliments Logan on providing them the whereabouts of the mutant outposts, as he has found the map Logan has taken from Iceman. He antecipates leading the ambushes in every outpost and slaughtering what’s left of the mutants. Umbeknowst to Knox, Wolverine has managed to retrieve a switchblade from one of his soldiers during the ambush.

Wolverine uses the switchblade to carve his hand out of his handcuffs. When Knox returns to check on them, Logan taunts him into coming close enough for him to stab Knox’s eye out with the switchblade, steal his gun and shoot the handcuffs off. Knox attacks him, but Logan overpowers him and throws him off the truck before hijacking it, tossing X-23 the keys so she can free herself.

Knox deploys the Sentinel and three other trucks to pursue them. Logan manages to throw one off the road as the Sentinel begins firing at them. Noticing they’re driving across a woodland area, Logan veers off the road and knocks down a tall tree, which falls onto the low-flying Sentinel, damaging its propulsion system. He then forces another pursuing truck into the path of the Sentinel’s bullets and uses another fallen tree to propel the third truck against the Sentinel, destroying both and escaping in Knox’s truck. Knox then calls headquarters for extraction.

Logan scratches off the truck’s markings and manages to cross the border into the United States masquerading as a Weapon X officer transporting a captive mutant. Knox wants to pursue him and get revenge for his lost eye, but The Director orders him to focus on the outposts of the resistance.

Once in the United States, Logan ditches the truck, which is being searched by Weapon X, and wants to continue, but X-23 refuses to go. She is traumatized by the encounter with Knox and believes that no matter what happens he will find her and torture her, and pleads for Logan to kill her so she can escape him. Logan says that he can’t. He has tried, numerous times throughout his life, to kill himself, but has always come back. He admits that he once welcomed death as a punishment for all the terrible things he’s done, but now realizes living with the guilt is his true punishment, and a fate worse than any pain death could bring.

Logan confides with X-23 about his past. He tells her that he also doesn’t remember his name, but he remebers the atrocities he’s committed, both before and after Weapon X. He claims to have adopted the name “Logan” because it reminded him that he could still be man, not an animal such as “Wolverine” or a weapon such as “Weapon X”. He further tells her that he only found purpose with the X-Men, and with Professor Xavier, and that’s why he wants to complete his mission, because if Xavier could help someone as broken as him, he can help X-23.

X-23 points out Knox has Iceman’s map, compromising the resistance’s whereabouts, but Logan reveals that he memorized the map and produced a fake one, in the occurance Knox and his men caught up to them. By following the map he stole from Logan, Knox is chasing ghosts.

Logan and X-23 finally arrive at the mutant outpost and meet Commander Miller, who escorts them to Mutant Town. There, Logan reconnects with the elderly Xavier. It’s their first meeting since Logan slaughtered the X-Men, and the bond between them is damaged. Xavier is reluctant to trust Logan, and Logan is remorseful in Xavier’s presence. Xavier introduces Logan to his lieutenants – Commander Miller, Commander Laird and Commander Reyes – and introduces X-Men to the Resistence, a large mutant community living in a repurposed bomb shelter.

Xavier confides with Logan that Weapon X has been capturing mutants, dead and alive, to conduct experiments in order to weaponize their powers, such as they have done with Wolverine’s DNA, recovered by the Essex Corporation after his escape from Weapon X. Xavier claims that the Essex Corporation is behind the war, framing the mutant race for the devastating attack that led to the conflict.

Xavier believes that the only way to end the war is attacking Weapon X’s headquarters, rescuing its prisoners and acquiring the evidence that mutants are innocent of the massacre that launched the conflict. However, the entire facility is lined with the same material of which Magneto’s helmet was once made of, which blocks Xavier’s telepathy, and all Weapon X operative are fitted with technology to protect their minds from him. Without access to Cerebro and with dwindling resources, Xavier’s last hope to locate Weapon X’s main base is probing X-23’s mind.

Xavier expects Logan to depart now that X-23 has been delivered to them, but he chooses to stay. He’s grown affectionate towards X-23 and wants to ensure her safety, partially because he feels her entire torturous existence is his fault. Xavier remarks that one will always do whatever is necessary to protect one’s children. Logan remarks that it is not the case, but Xavier points out Logan was a father to Rogue and to several other students. Xavier assures Logan that he forgives him for what Weapon X has forced him to do, but does not forgive him for giving up on his race when they needed him most. Logan assures him the Wolverine died that night. Xavier then points out that Logan is a warrior, and the warriors never die.

X-23 is prepared for the procedured by Commander Reyes. She asks Logan to stay by her side, but he’s forced to exit the room, leaving her alone with Xavier, so he can properly touch her mind, but assures her he’ll be there when she wakes.

Logan goes outside, where Laird and his men are watching the perimeter. Laird was listening on Logan’s conversation with Xavier and points out Xavier is right: One will do whatever is necessary for one’s family. Logan notes that Laid has a family, which he had earlier noticed at the bunker. Laird nods, and says that he was once a student at Xavier School with his brother. They believed in Xavier’s dream of a world united. They believe the X-Men would always be there to protect them. Now, mutants are on the verge of extinction, the X-Men are gone, and Logan has killed them.

Logan notices the approaching forces of Weapon X just as Laird knocks him down with his gun and commands his man to launch an offensive. Laird’s soldiers turn on the others and kill several of them, including Commander Miller.

Weapon X raids the compound just as Xavier acquires the location of Weapon X’s base from X-23’s mind. Commander Reyes saves Xavier and X-23 from Laid, who blames Xavier for leading them to run, but X-23 attempts to escape and is captured by Knox. Logan regains consciousness and races to rescue X-23, disposing of several of Knox’s and Laird’s men with guns and assorted weapons such as his axe and a makeshift flamethrower, but Knox shoots him multiple times and leaves with X-23, joined by Laird and his family and the few remnants of Laird’s men. Knox reports to The Director they have X-23 and are bringing her back to the base. The Director remarks it shouldn’t be long then.

Logan is found by Xavier, Commander Reyes and a few survivors. Xavier notes that Logan is not healing as he should, but Logan ignores it and asks Xavier if he’s found the Weapon X base. Xavier reveals that he touched X-23’s mind and acquired a name — Crossmore — before connection was interrupted. The name is familiar to Logan, but he can’t remember where from. Xavier wants to venture inside Logan’s mind to learn, but Logan is reluctant. His mind is still fractured. Xavier urges Logan to trust him, and their minds connect.

Xavier experiences all of Logan’s pain as his two sets of memories clash. He sees glimpses of the deaths of Kayla Silverfox and Jean Grey, his encounter with young Xavier in the 1970’s and the future overrun by Sentinels, before finally finding what he is looking for: Crossmore was a new genetics research facility affiliated with Weapon X that William Stryker was building in the United States when Logan was subjected to the procedure. Xavier finds out the location, and Logan decides to go there to rescue X-23 and end his battle with Weapon X. Xavier volunteers to accompany him, and Commander Reyes does so as well. Logan points out Xavier has the survivors to look after, but Xavier entrusts them to one of his men, Wilkins.

Logan is still reluctant, but Xavier reminds him that he will do anything for his children, including Logan among them. Commander Reyes leads them to an old helicopter they had salvaged and repaired. Logan points out neither he nor Xavier can pilot. Commander Reyes claims it can’t be so difficult, and Xavier is amused to learn Logan is still afraid of flying.

Knox and his men arrive at Crossmore and immediately has Laird’s children rounded up and taken to the lower levels, where they keep their mutant prisoners, while his men slaughter Laird’s few surviving followers. Laird argues that Knox assured him his family would be spared if he betrayed Xavier, and Knox claims he’s a man of his word: He will not kill any of them himself. He shoots Laird and orders his wife to be taken to The Director. Laird’s wife is dragged to The Director’s office, and left alone with The Director, who is enveloped in the shadows. He welcomes her, as her horrified screams are heard from outside.

At the helicopter, Logan alerts Xavier that Crossmore will have motion sensors and instructs Reyes to touch down. Logan decides to continue on his own, with Xavier connected to his mind, and instructs Xavier to only intervene when he receives the signal. Xavier reminds Logan that a battle awaits him, one that can’t be fought without weapons. Logan assures Xavier he’s ready for one final fight.

At Crossmore, Knox visits a chained-up X-23, who is despondent over her capture and Logan’s apparent death. He mocks her again, claiming that The Director believes Logan will come for her, but that he doubts that, and looks forward to the games they’ll play now she’s back. He claims that obsession will be The Director’s ruin, and when he crumbles, Knox will reclaim his position.

X-23 remembers what Logan has taught her during their journey about using the enemy’s confidence in his superiority to their advantage. She then fires back at Knox for the first time in her life, accusing him of being a coward who needs her in chains to win, and who can’t prove his superiority without a gun and a safe distance. Knox gets angry at being insulted by a mutant and ventures into X-23’s cell, armed with a knife, and unshackles her.

Logan arrives at Crossmore, which heavily-armed military outpost in the woods, and ambushes one of the guards after luring him away from his post. He disguises himself with the guard’s uniform, takes out the other guards and reaches the power grid.

Knox attacks X-23 and gains the upper hand, delivering blows while she only plays defense. However, when she lands a devastating blow to his face, he pulls out a knife and slices her stomach, then pushes her on the ground and prepares to kill her. However, he opens his guard, and she turns the tables on him, kicking him in the chest and unleashing her claws for the first time, tearing his other eye out. Knox kicks X-23 in her broken leg and crawls out of the cell, locking her back in. She smiles, covered in blood, as her wounds heals, and Knox cowers on the floor in front of her.

Wolverine takes out the power grid, and the entire facility goes into lockdown. Without power, X-23’s cell is opened, and she escapes and finishes off Knox by slashing his throat with her claws. She then ventures outside, while Logan bursts inside, swiftly killing off soldiers. He eventually reaches the control center, where he finds himself surrounded. They were waiting for him. The Director then steps out of the shadows and comments on how long Logan took to arrive, referring to Logan as his brother. It’s Victor Creed / Sabretooth.

Logan refuses to believe Creed is alive, but Creed assures him that he survived their last encounter, in which Logan left him for dead. He was found by the Essex Corporation, and meet it’s director, Nathaniel Essex. He recognized the potential in Creed and named him William Stryker’s replacement as the director of Weapon X, after Stryker was disavowed following Wolverine’s escape in 1983. Creed observed Logan from afar, while rebuilding Weapon X in accordance with Essex’s vision and leading them in the massacre of the mutant race.

Logan accuses Creed of betraying his own people, but Creed claims they’re animals, and he’s merely adapting to the food chain. He further reveals that he harbored nothing but hatred for Logan for years, and engineered to plan to drug Logan and force him to kill the people he abandoned Creed for. However, after seeing how pathetic Logan has become, Creed pities him, and orders his men to fire.

Logan is shot multiple times, and the gunshots alert X-23. Logan attempts to fight back, but is outnumbered until she intervenes and draws some fire away. Logan is overcome with rage at Creed and unleashes his claws for the first time in years. He then goes on a complete rampage, viciously slaughtering hordes of soldiers with impalements and dismemberments. Even X-23 is terrified of the display of violence she witnesses.

Xavier senses that Logan’s mind is no longer within reach, and that he has become pure instinct. Commander Reyes believes that the mission is compromised and they should leave, but Xavier claims to have faith in Logan.

Logan runs through the facility in search of Creed, killing any soldiers that stand on his way. Creed retires to his fortified offices, where he watches the massacre and celebrates having his brother back.

X-23 attempts to reach out to Logan and calm him down, but he attacks her instead. They fight, but X-23 is unable to measure up to Logan’s eyes of combat experience, and he has her pined down and is ready to behead her when they lock eyes. Logan sees in her the same fear he saw in the students and the same fear he himself once experienced, and regains his senses. X-23 says that she knows where the mutant prisoners are and asks Logan for help to release them and escape, but Logan refuses. He needs to confront Creed once and for all and end what they’ve started several years ago. X-23 pleads for him not to, but he gives her his dogtags and assures her he’ll come for them. He then tells her to get the young mutants out and that Xavier will find her once they’re out of the facility.

X-23 ventures into the lower levels and releases the mutant prisoners, and rallies for them to follow her. On the way out, they encounter more guards, but X-23 is able to fight them off. Logan, meanwhile, sets off a series of explosions to alert Xavier, and as the facility collapses, Xavier senses X-23 and the prisoners and Commander Reyes pilots the helicopter to rescue them.

Logan locates Creed at the facility’s Adamantium bonding room, where Logan finds the deformed corpses of Essex’s previousd attempts to clone Logan, X-1 through X-22. He tells Logan that X-23 is their first succesful subjects, but nothing compared to Logan. He is the greatest soldier ever created, and Essex wants him back. Logan assures Victor the end has come for both of them, and Essex is next.

Logan unleashes his claws, Victor extends his razor-sharp talens, and they march into their final battle.

Logan and Creed have a vicious battle throughout the collapsing facility, relying on their healing factors, but they’re both old, and their wounds are not healing as fast. They inflict substantial damage to each other, but Creed ultimately gains the upper hand, He becomes more maniac, celebrating that they have shed their humanity to die together as brothers and as animals. Logan points out he’s not fighting Creed as an animal. He’s hunting him as a man. And he’s walked into a trap. Logan then slices a lever, dropping a vat of molten Adamantium into Victor, who cries in pain and agony as he’s reduced to a deformed statue of molten metal.

The entire facility explodes. X-23 wants to go back for Logan, but Xavier and Commander Reyes say it’s too late. Logan realizes he’s in the same place where he was “born” as the Wolverine, collapses from his injuries, lights one last cigar and embraces death, whispering “I’m ready.” He’s consumed by the flames and apparently dies.

Xavier no longer senses Logan and proclaims he’s gone. X-23 cries for his death, still clutching his dogtags.

Xavier and Commander Reyes are back at Mutant Town. The refugees are helping the survivors of Crossmore acclimate themselves. Xavier holds a symbolic funeral for Logan, and notes to Commander Reyes that a professor’s worth is measure by the outcome of his most troublesome student. He assures he that he’s never been more proud.

Commander Reyes asks what to be done next. Xavier tells her it’s time to rebuild. He says that Logan sacrificed himself to give them a new tomorrow not once, but twice, and he’ll fight every day of his life to honor that sacrifice.

X-23 arrives and tells him they will fight. They will all fight. The Essex Corporation is still out there, and she vows to personally take them down to avenge Logan’s death. Xavier tells her that there will come a time for battle, and recognizes that X-23 is a fine warrior, but all warriors need a place to call “home”. He refers to her as “X-23”, and she corrects him, asking to be called “Laura”, much like Wolverine had decided to call himself “Logan” to remain in touch with his humanity. Laura now wears Logan’s dogtags,with the inscription “Wolverine”.

Laura says they need to prepare immediately, Xavier tells her that every new chapter must be written one page at the time, and urges her to be patient. She answers “Patience isn’t my strongest suit”. Xavier allows himself a knowing smile.

In a voice-over, Xavier notes that he once met a man haunted by his past, who claimed to welcome death in fear that his punishment would be to live with guilt. He claims that he knew that man as a soldier, a student and a hero. That his fear of the past never destroyed his hope in the future. And that, as long as death didn’t come, he would always find himself fighting. Because he’s a warrior, and warriors never die.

Intercut with this is a tracking shot of the ruins of the Weapon X facility, following a trail out of Adamantium chamber, where Victor still lies encased, leading to a massive, X-shaped hole leading to the outside.

The script calls for one final SNIKT as the screen smashes to black.


So there you go. As always, take this with a grain of salt, probably better if you take it with a truck full of salt.

There’s a lot of different elements that they used in the movie. From X-23 taking over the mantle which is currently what’s happening in All New, All Different Wolverine…

all new all different wolverine

to how they effectively killed Logan in “The Death of Wolverine” which involves adamantium…

the death of wolverine

This Wolverine 3 script/ plot is indeed interesting but its way to fanfiction-y for our own good.

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