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SPOILERS: Civil War II # 0

Doing spoilers for Civil War II # 0 by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel from Marvel Comics.

Civil War II (2016-) 000-000

We’ve already done the FCBD Civil War issue which you can read HERE.

So we already know that this is going to be another fight between Tony Stark and another Captain, this time though, its Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. We kinda know how this happens or which characters will die but it starts as mundane as possible.

We open issue 0 with Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk defending a client who was caught in an entrapment operation, talking shop about returning to a life of crime as a supervillain…

Civil War II (2016-) 000-002

We’ll come back to this plot later. Our next subplot belongs to War Machine aka James Rhodes, Iron Man’s BFF, who has been offered a position of power in the United States of America.

Civil War II (2016-) 000-006

Yeah, 616 Obama wants Rhodey to be the new Secretary of Defense in preparation to him becoming the next POTUS.

In Ohio, two students marvel at the coming of the Inhuman’s Terrigen Mist/ Terrigen Cloud only to get chrysalis-ed.

Civil War II (2016-) 000-010

Meanwhile in the 616 Triskelion, Captain Marvel meets up with a wasn’t-he-dead Doc Samson to talk about philosophy.

Civil War II (2016-) 000-012

It was kinda dry and boring tbh.

Going back to the Civil War II # 0’s subplot She-Hulk and her client’s fate. SHIELD director Maria Hill reveals that Jen’s client, the Jester, was killed by two inmates the moment he arrived at the correctional facility.

Civil War II (2016-) 000-015

Back in Ohio, the two Inhuman cocoons start cracking up with the first inhuman to emerge being the guy.

Civil War II (2016-) 000-017

The second cocoon reveals the transformed teenage girl who now appears as a winged demon creature.

Civil War II (2016-) 000-018

In between the chaos, newly-minted inhuman guy starts getting into a vision…

Civil War II (2016-) 000-019 Civil War II (2016-) 000-020

Well, how that happens we’re not sure yet. What we do know is that this new inhuman precog is the central figure in this new Superhuman Civil War. One side saying its important to not mess with the future while the other faction taking a Minority Report approach, using these visions as a way to prepare and avoid disaster.

Civil War II # 0 is out now in your favorite comic stores.

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