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The Hardest Love Puzzle Ever: Women

I think the title of this article speaks for itself: Women indeed can’t be read. They want this, but they don’t want that, so you’ll be assuming this and they would be assuming that but unfortunately they’re already doing those and you are already confused AF as to why did they even get madly ballistic at you. All because you want them to feel special.

So here we are at Team Fanboy, decided to put our throats on the line again and discover what women want and how they perceive the ideal guy. We’ve asked a couple of lovely ladies from different fields, to solve at some point the mystery that is the ideal guy. Let’s start off with:

Megan Yeh, 21, Fil-Taiwanese Party Girl/Dentistry Student


I would to say like air, free, but smart and courageous, ambitious? Mmmm…coz I like the way that there are no limits, no end and he’s free to talk about everything that I like. Aw aw, plus being “open minded”!

Roxanne Kho, 21, K-pop Enthusiast/Nursing Graduate – Incoming Medicine Student


Someone with good genes and is smarter than me. Joke!!! Well, maybe I would consider those things but the personality and perspective in life are more important things to take into consideration. I like someone who has the same interests as I do. Someone who can accept me and all my crazy antics, one who has the guts to jive along with my hobbies even when other people tell me I’m weird. In short, someone as crazy and weird as me. The type of guy who has a good relationship with God despite his busy schedule and a filial son to his mother. One who can comfort me with hugs, especially during the times when I’m super anxious and stressed or when I’m not sure about myself and my future. Lastly, one who has a long patience because I’m a very complex person and I think that would be needed especially when getting to know me.

Cleo Villanueva, 21, Physical Therapy Graduate/YOLO/Vandork


Ideal guy…Ideal lang naman eh di ba? Ibig sabihin yung imaginary guy ko. Walang nage-exist na ganun. Kung meron man, di siguro kami pagtatagpuin ng landas or hindi ako yung ideal girl niya. Haha! Pero simple lang naman gusto ko. Di naman talaga ako tumitingin sa panlabas na anyo eh. Bonus na lang yun. Pero dahil tinanong mo, gusto ko sana yung masmatangkad sakin, yung chubby, maganda ngipin at yung maganda yung mata lalo pag ngumingiti… Gusto ko din yung siyempre malinis sa sarili. Sa panloob naman. Respect. Yung taong marunong rumespeto. In all forms. Naks!!! Haha! Hindi lang yung marunong gumalang ganun. Gusto ko yung marunong rumespeto sa sarili, sa babae, sa desisyon ng ibang tao, sa kasarian ng ibang tao, sa magulang niya, sa mga kapatid niya, sa kahit sino at anong bagay. Kasi feel ko the rest will follow. Di naman ako naghahanap ng perfect eh, yun na yun. Eto pa pala, gusto ko yung papakainin ako sa masasarap!!! Patatawanin, at yung kakantahan ako palagi. Yung mahal na mahal niya yung nanay niya at mga kapatid niya. Gusto ko rin yung nire-wrestling ako. Hahaha! LOL WTF! At yung marunong magmasahe ng likod. Ayoko lang sana yung sinungaling at naglilihim ng crush niya or mga kinakausap niyang babae. Dayum!!! Please Lord! Ay, ang haba na pala, haha!

Daihne Cortes, 20, Cosplayer/Legal Management Student 


Daihne (Left) with her sister Daphne (Right)

My ideal type of a guy would be…God-fearing, kind, a listener, honest, generous, appreciative, respectful especially to elders, charitable, faithful, loyal, funny, sensitive, helpful, gentleman, supportive, patient, and will love me for me – my heart, not by my looks. I like this kind of a guy because I myself doesn’t look on a person’s physical appearance but what’s within. It is more important to have the qualities that I have stated because for me, a guy with those qualities is worth keeping and treasured and also that is what I need, that I didn’t experience from my past relationships that didn’t see me and valued me as a person.

Din Tablante Ampil aka Dinny Grayson, 20, Cosplayer/Artist


My ideal type of guy at this very moment is blonde, British, warm brown eyes, likes to work in the gardens, carries a machete on his back, is the Second-In-Command, is named after Isaac Newton, portrayed by the wonderful Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and is a fictional character from the Maze Runner. Haha! But seriously, I don’t have an ideal type of guy because I don’t like to limit or label human beings depending on if they’re male or female. I don’t have a type of guy or a type of girl. I might a type of human being. So, if you asked me what my ideal type of human being was I’d basically just say I like passionate and good-hearted people. Everyone is different so I don’t even like classifying them as a ‘type’ but these are two characteristics I love in humans. It’s so inspiring and refreshing to be with people who are passionate and good… Being fictional helps in winning my heart, though! Haha! 

Random women, asked with the question “what would be your ideal type of guy? sky is the limit for the description” and somehow, the mystery that is womanhood suddenly had a clear view for a time. To emphasize the puzzling world of women, here’s a MV from the K-pop girl group, TWICE named “CHEER UP“. The video itself is subbed via the CC button so you can see the translation to its lyrics.

At the first stanza, it says “Don’t urge me, it won’t take long and I’ll let you call me baby. Now is not the time, it is too early but show me a bit more“, bringing a more hopeful approach for the guy. A strong shift in tone for the second stanza, “I can just hear your anxious voice, I can just see your phone covered in sweat, answering right away is no fun, I read your messages but ignore your calls” then suddenly implying, “Uhhh, maybe I went to far boy, worried I might tire out you patience. Uhhh, but if I don’t, I might fall for you deeper…” to justify their rudeness.

So we’ll leave these as clues on how women need more understanding because frankly we still are clueless AF on how to treat women without activating their DESTROY button! Indeed some might be a real headache, but as the song says, give it time. Women are bittersweet, they are always there to cause you pain but after the pain subsides, they always become that person that treats it anyway in the best way possible: BY MAKING YOUR HEART BEAT FAST AND FURIOUS! So there you have it, one of life’s numerous puzzles partly solved. Catch you all later!


*Special credits to the photographers who took these pics of our lovely interviewees*

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