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Andi Eigenmann for FHM Philippines’ May 2016 Cover

We don’t often see Andi Eigenmann on TV these days (or maybe because I rarely watch TV due to the toxicity of RP politics) but she’s still there and she still looks great. Today however marks her next big leap, doing sexy covers for men’s magazines like FHM Philippines.


Also I haven’t picked up a single issue of FHM since they “rebranded” a few months back. I know that all the smut and t&a have been neatly tucked away but how did they execute it?

The rag talks about how hard it was to get the prime time star to do an issue for them. She goes:

I feel like I’m at the point in my career where I can show what I can do without so many restrictions,” she tells us. “Well, it’s always worth it to take risks. Appearing in FHM is one of the risks I want to take. Anyway, you’ve changed your format so I know it won’t be so scary. Look at this as a kind of pre-celebration of my 10th year in showbiz.

This oughta be good by my account. Plus they really are upping the ante in terms of intellectual stuff including a guide on buying cars and an interview with Dan Villegas.

But c’mon you’re here to check on the photos without having to log-in to the FHM Philippines site right? So here ya go. *Update* Click on the links instead *Update*




Also that flesh-toned top sure requires you to do a double take…



Source: FHM Philippines

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