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The Witcher 3 Expansion Blood and Wine Release Date Revealed

It’s been awhile since there was any news about The Witcher 3‘s second expansion pack entitled “Blood and Wine” but today it seems like there’s movement.

the witcher 3 geralt of rivia

Well its unconfirmed anyway but it seems like the release date has been announced right under CD Projekt RED’s nose.

According to Wccftech and Gamespot, The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine Expansion Pack would be released June 7th 2016.

Of course it could be a mistake or some red herring the publisher set up but it does ring some truth. What we do know is that the information came from a listing on polish GRYOnline. After all, the game itself will be hitting it’s first anniversary and there are still blokes like me who has yet to finish the game because its just HUGE.

The first DLC/ expansion Hearts of Stone did pretty well and delivered on its promise to provide several more hours of Witcher 3 gameplay.

Sounds cool that its closer than we think but I’ll really believe that Blood and Wine would be coming soon when they release the announcement trailer.

Also if you haven’t picked up The Witcher 3 for the PC and console, then shame on you. This is 2015’s best game for me.

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