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10 Cloverfield Lane Review

The Fanboy SEO reviews 10 Cloverfield Lane starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Goodman. Now Showing from Columbia Pictures Philippines and UIP.

10 cloverfield lane

This movie can best be described as a modern episode of “Twilight Zone” and I’m not making that statement lightly. From claustrophobic moments in that bunker with John Goodman to the actual beasties that lurk above, there’s definitely trouble brewing for our heroine Michelle.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Michelle, impressed me in this film. I haven’t seen any of her work except for Scott Pilgrim vs The World so I was colored surprised when I saw her in this film. You can see how she grows as a character as the movie unfolds. More importantly, this girl is the Twilight Zone/ Cloverfield-universe’s version of John MacLane.

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There’s a lot of buzz on John Goodman’s performance here and for good reason. He plays the mysterious “Howard”, the man who takes in both Michelle and Emmett (John Gallagher Jr) in the film and he’s to say the least, unhinged with the situation. Also he seems to like Michelle very much in the creepiest way possible. He also undergoes changes in the film which I’ll discuss in a bit because there are spoilers.

The camera work in 10 Cloverfield Lane was great, the musical score truly worked and subtle and there’s a buttload of easter eggs that sort-of ties the film with it’s “blood relative” Cloverfield and no it does not include the monster…



Now one of the more interesting nuances for this film is the change in Goodman’s appearance after killing Emmett in summary execution style. We start the film with Howard looking like Santa Clause with a revolver, they go through interactions and we learn that he’s lying about things. Thenn we get to that twist in the movie where he kills the second lead. We next see him all cleaned up with a good shave too. He’s as Sully as can be. Only, its the ‘monster’ taking over. Looks can truly be deceiving.

Still in spoiler territory. Hands down those creepy bio-mechanical aliens are awesome. I’d probably crap my pants if I were in their position. That grunt they sent to investigate the car was scary as hell but that scout ship was twice as scary, think squid with metal and poison gas.


Overall, with all the twists and turns of the movie, I believe its a highly entertaining film. While the alien invasion feels a bit contrived, it works and together with the acting of the three (yes including Gallagher) it makes the film worthy of the ticket price.

I give this film 8/10

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10 Cloverfield Lane is now showing!

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