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God of War 4 Goes Norse! Expect Frost Giants and even a God of Thunder

Re-doing a story that Gematsu posted earlier today on a rumored God of War 4 which will be a completely new story set in the world of Norse Mythology.


Kratos might not be the God of War for this rumored outing too. Anyway this juicy rumor started with a tweet from user Shinobi602, one of the few known insiders whose leaks prove true. In his tweet he/she writes:

…to the halls of Valhalla. My boy. #GodofWar4

This was after the user left a cryptic message hours before.

Nerdleaks.com began digging around and found some stuff pertaining to God of War 4 including a few concept artworks done by artist Finnian MacManus, who reportedly worked at SIE Santa Monica Studios from September to December of 2015.

As of writing this post, all except the one above has been removed from the Internet. But they describe the found concept artworks as follows:

  • A Kratos-looking character with a beard
  • A Norse mythology setting
  • Alfheim and “Land of the Fairies” are a few of the image’s names
  • The Kratos-looking character will be in prison at one point
  • The Kratos-looking character has an axe that he can use to cut vines and create bridges/walkways
  • The surrounding environment could interact with the character


Rumblings of a God of War 4 had been heard of as early as December 2015 and has continued to be shushed with the utmost efficiency.

As for me, I can’t wait to see this new Kratos-like character to go head to head against the Norse god of war, Tyr.


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