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Tomb Raider Reboot Movie Might Be Retelling of the 2013 Game

Tomb Raider reboot movie is currently in the works thanks to MGM and Warner Bros. Pictures and IGN thinks that it could be a direct adaptation of the 2013 game “Tomb Raider”.


This new Angelina Jolie-less Tomb Raider will be helmed by Norwegian director Roar Uthaug (Escape, The Wave) while scripts would be handled by Geneva Robertson-Dworet. IGN sat down with the director who states that this new movie will be an origin story similar to the game.

The director did not directly confirm nor deny how heavily influenced the movie will be but did praise Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix’s role in doing a 180 degree turn for Lara Croft in terms of being a character. He also did state that they will be ‘taking a similar approach’ to the character.

I think making Lara Croft feel like a real human being, that’s definitely something we want to bring to the big screen as well. I think we’ll want to make people relate to Lara as a character. I’m hoping to bring some of my Norwegian sensibilities to the franchise.

Uthaug also states that he is an avid Tomb Raider player, even considering himself a fanboy. So he knows what makes Lara tick .

I’ve always been a fan of strong female characters, and I think I’ve had strong female characters in all my previous movies, so that’s something I thought was interesting. Raiders of the Lost Ark was one of my favorite films growing up, so it’s definitely a dream to work in that kind of genre. I think we’ll want to make it feel like a modern action movie and to make what’s going on feel like it’s going on for real.

Leaving you guys with the trailer for the next Tomb Raider game, Rise of the Tomb Raider which is currently available for the Xbox One and PC.

Here’s another video for Rise of the Tomb Raider, a gameplay video to be exact.

Will Tomb Raider break the record that the original movies make? Who would you like to cast as Lara Croft for Tomb Raider?

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