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Was Nick Fury a Skrull All Along?

Samuel L. Jackson’s new Instagram photo from the set of Captain Marvel shows him lathered in green prosthetics and putty. Could Nick Fury be a Skrull in this movie?


Overwatch x Marvel Mashup by Bosslogic

Artist Bosslogic manages to bring two fan favorite franchises and mash them up neatly. Check out his Overwatch x Marvel set of artworks! First up is Doomfist as Thanos… The dude’s already deadly as...


Kotobukiya Captain Marvel Bishoujo Statue Preview

Here’s our first look at the Kotobukiya Captain Marvel Bishoujo Statue which will be released mid 2018 featuring a cool rendition of the current Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers. Bishoujo Captain Marvel Statue Kamala Khan’s...