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Alimuom: A Shot at Hardcore Pinoy SciFi

In the future, the once-lush Philippines is barren due to the toxicity of the environment. All agriculture is banned on Earth and done off-world, with only the richest being able to eat naturally grown,...


Relentless Action Amps Thrilling Hunt in THE PREDATOR

From veteran action director Shane Black and producer John Davis (who also produced the original and subsequent Predator films), man’s most formidable adversary once again reaches Earth in “The Predator”.              In the latest movie,...


Titans Get New Group Photo

EW shares a new group shot for the main characters for Titans season 1 which will be exclusively available in DC Comics’ new streaming service known as DC Universe. This shot features Brenton Thwaites as Robin/...


The Origin of Soldier Supreme

Here’s the origin of the weird mash-up between Doctor Strange and Captain America called Soldier Supreme from Infinity Wars # 3. In this issue, Gamora decides that she wont kill half the universe like...