I’ve always wondered if and when I’d ever get the chance to attend Cebu’s grand Sinulog festival and thanks to Oppo and the Oppo F1s, I have finally scratched Sinulog 2017 off my personal bucket list. Here’s a bit of recap and story-telling about the experience.

Oppo brought me and bunch of well-respected tech bloggers for Sinulog 2017 weekend to not only “field test” the F1s but also to showcase what Cebu has to offer in terms of sights and sounds; mostly sights though.

We left Manila on Thursday, January 13 morning and from that point already we knew this was going to be an interesting trip. Check out the selfies:

#OPPOF1sSinulog day 1 selfies

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Apparently Baranggay Ginebra will also be flying for a weekend game in Ilo-Ilo at the time. So selfie muna with LA Tenorio using the Selfie Expert.

Got to Mactan airport roughly around past 12 and made our way to Rico’s in Cebu City. Of course, we were met with unbelievable traffic. As in masahol pa sa EDSA if you think about it. Still #TeamEagleCement was the superior van what with our theme song and all our boyish good looks.

One of the many encounters with Olly
Rico’s Cebu Lechon

Day 1 ended with a party and a quick stop at the famed Magellan’s Cross. Syempre, its time we really started to utilize the Oppo F1s units we brought along for the experience.

Dinner at Golden Cowrie
Dinner at Golden Cowrie

The weather was a bit dour but we soldier on. We cannot skip this tour because hey, as Manilenos, it’ll be rare to visit the place. The F1s did not disappoint too, take a look at the landscape shots I took.

Magellan’s Cross
No filter, shot using the Oppo F1s
Obligatory Selfie shot at Magellan’s Cross

Did I mention we brought along some of the prettiest models?

More photos from the Basilica and Magellan’s Cross tour.

Yan kids, dyan kayo humingi, mayaman yan

Day 1 ended by partying the night away at Liv Superclub.

Have to admit the Cebu party scene is as colorful and vibrant as Manila. Even better is the fact that they’ve got a ‘game’ crowd ALWAYS.


Super fun. Had to get back to the hotel at around 2am and I had anticipated that I’ll skip breakfast.

Day 2 and the weather was still uncooperative. Our itinerary for today was Circa 1900 for lunch.

Syempre selfie selfie muna with peers and colleague in the biz.

With the Superstar Bob Freking

Check out the food they serve here.

Again, all photos taken with the Oppo F1s, even the video below was shot using the F1s.

Next stop, Temple of Leah. Who’s Leah you might be wondering, well I’m told that Leah is actually Leah Adarna; who may or may not be Ellen Adarna’s grandmother.

Bonus stage…

We also checked out this place called TOP but thanks to the fog and the rains, we hardly got to see anything in the place. Sayang. So off we go to the hotel to get changed for dinner and ready for more partying via ETC’s Paintensity in partnership with Oppo.

Skipped that one though as the weather didn’t look like it wanted to calm its tits. Plus Sinulog was a big day and we needed to really get ready for that.

Check out the gallery below to see some of the floats as well as celebrities that joined the fun in this fun, annual parade.

Two somethings I picked up from this trip.

(a) Sinulog is a fun event, it converts the whole of Cebu City into a giant version of Larsian with every corner and almost every home celebrating with drinking and grill

(b) The Oppo F1s is definitely a good smartphone to bring for these types of occasions. Pair it with a good selfie stick and you’ll make for a great and memorable trip.

Expect a review for the Oppo F1s soon.

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