Also on the frying pan today is Transformers Robots in Disguise # 11 (by John Barber and Guido Guidi) featuring the return of Arcee who was visibly absent during much of the past events.

So what happens basically in this issue is that Starscream tries to grab power from the budding Cybertronian society. This is made even clear when a contemporary of Omega Supreme, Metrotitan, tells the former Decepticon that he will usher in a new age of glory for the dead robot planet. This does not sit well with Autobot leader Bumblebee and his second-in-command Prowl who thinks that this will all implode on the traitorous Decepticon lackey.

Anyway Prowl and Starscream strike an alliance of convenience especially after finding out that Omega Supreme got struck down by the remaining Decepticons including Shockwave and Soundwave. The two send in the sneakiest, feistiest Autobot assassin they can boss around – Arcee. 

Poor Ravage….

 I feel sad for Soundwave, Shockwave and the rest of the Decepticons that got on Arcee’s way. They really got their asses handed to them. Who would’ve thought that they’d even get beaten by Arcee? I wouldn’t.

Later Arcee makes her report and teases Starscream of what’s coming next to this precious new society that he’s building together with Metalhawk and Prowl; it starts with a Mega and ends with a Tron.