Here’s my pick for the coolest moment for Marvel Now’s Thor: God of Thunder # 1 by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic

Thor was one of those books that will get you hooked the moment the mystery starts to unravel. The best part about this issue is a caper story spanning millenia starting with a young and foolish Thor out for giant blood all the way to a Thor who pretty much resembles his dad Odin

Jason Aaron knows how to hook people with his kind of writing. It’s very smart and very keen into little details. Some Aaron haters might say that this book is once again showing how sexist the writer can be but c’mon give him a break, these are vikings we’re dealing with and that’s how they roll in the olden days. 

Esad Ribic is a beast in the art department for the book. His pencils together with Dean White’s work does wonders for the book. Sharp lines and great facial expressions make this such a nice book to read. And when I say ‘facial expressions’ it’s not limited to Thor. The butchered gods for example convey a great deal of terror which is fitting for the caption (Thor talks about how fearful these deities are at the moment of their death). 

The issue has a nice pacing too. It might be boring to read from the start as we all did pay to see modern Thor kick the crap out of some frost giant or Loki or any of his rogues but that’s not the case. Instead we get to unravel a mystery together with young Thor Odinson and the modern, Avenger Thor which for me is a good thing. Re-reading the book, I also found out that you can actually start the book from any part; meaning you can skip the viking part and go straight to the Avenger Thor part. I also tried to read the book from the last few pages (with old Thor) and the narrative still worked. 

Now for some spoilers. 

In the final pages for Thor: God of Thunder # 1 we meet an old Thor who sits in a throne in a very empty and very dead Asgard  Asgardia and we find out that he injured one eye in a past battle with the said arc villain and it’s minions.

The more interesting bit comes when Thor stands up from his throne and dons his mechanical arm which happens to be the entire arm of the Destroyer armor.

The invading horde of baddies though seems to be hellbent on killing the Thunder god.