Here are the other noteworthy moments/panels/pages from Justice League # 14 by Johns and Tony S. Daniel.

Superman and Wonder Woman‘s first date:

It’s cute that Clark decides to bring Diana to the Smallville Diner. It’s also nice to know that even though they are considered as ‘gods’ by some, they still like to have pancakes. 

Barbara Minerva’s capture was a prelude:

Action scenes might’ve sucked a bit but boy were we given a treat. It seems like the mysterious villains that we see by the end of Justice League # 6 are far from over. And seeing that Minerva mentioned Black Manta also puts this series on a collision course with Johns’ Aquaman book. 

Alien Sun God – Rao?

Did the Kryptonian deity Rao fall at the hands of this ‘hunter’? Seems like a new thread is dangled.

The Drive:

(Boy the art here suddenly devolved quickly….) Anyway, this is a good scene. Although my friends and acquaintances from CBG (The Comic Book Group) hates the couple, I’m kinda for them. 

The Kiss:

booyah haters!
The Spy:

One last bit of consolation for Bruce – Diana fans is the fact that Bats is spying on the other members of the Big Three. Whether it’s for personal gain or for League purposes, we’ll have to wait for next year’s Trinity War.