That Awful Moment when Spider-Man Kissed The Thing

The title was pretty bad but wait till you get a load at that awful moment from Avenging Spider-Man Annual # 1

And yes, the humor does not escape me about “spider-man kissing the thing”. 

So anyway a bunch of crooks try to steal something which Spider-Man foils but Benjamin J. Grimm aka The Thing goes and spoil everything by following Spidey for that 30 dollars he owed him from the last poker game they did. The result is this:

Ugh. Horrible I tell you.

If you have to burn anybody for this that’d be writer Rob Williams and artist Brad Walker. Although to be honest, the annual’s premise seems to harken the goofy, fun-filled days of a good Marvel Team-up. 

If im going to be really honest, it does seem kind of a good annual story. It does follow the formula for Avenging which is Spidey teaming up with a fellow Avenger and doing superhero stuff. 

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