Spoilers for Iron Man # 1 by Kieron Gillen and Greg Land from Marvel Comics.

In this new issue we find Tony Stark just being himself again. He gets flirty with the women, pisses and flirts with Pepper Potts and foils a tech-caper before it becomes a serious threat.

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This issue however does something that changes the game for Stark once more as the Extremis co-creator Maya Hansen is killed in the middle of the issue. 

Just like that she gets offed and here I was thinking that Gillen was planning to explore the relationship between the two (during the Extremis arc they were pretty close). Apparently that’s not going to happen anymore.

Two more things I loved in this issue:

MJ’s is becoming a big locale for New York based heroes. Too bad we don’t get to see Mary Jane Watson (Parker). 

And then there was this transformation scene where Stark wore the armor as it seeped out of a briefcase. 

Also it’s pretty nice to see that the AIM beehive costume is still relevant in a world post-AVX. Oh and I do like the cover for next issue. 

Reserving my comments for my review over at Flipgeeks. Here’s a peek though, Land’s “art” sucked big time here.