Take the following image with a grain of salt because it hasn’t been proven or confirmed but there’s part of Amazing Spider-Man # 698 which will throw readers for a doozy.

Readers beware as this may or may not be a major spoiler especially with the impending release of Superior Spider-Man.

So what happens here, if you haven’t been reading ASM, is that Doctor Octopus manages to swap bodies with Peter Parker in the most inopportune time. 

You see Doc Ock is already in his final moments of existence. He was diagnosed with something that would kill him (I completely forgot what it was). His last gambit was “Ends of the Earth” which was thwarted by the team of Black Widow, Silver Sable and Spider-Man. 

Whether this is true or not, we have to wait for a day or two. However I can definitely be sure now that there won’t be any Miguel O’Hara that would be popping out of the final three issues of Amazing Spider-Man. 

Update: The page was legit. Looks like Spidey-pus is here for the time being.