Here’s a review and some major spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man # 697 by Dan Slott and Christos Gage with art by Guiseppi Camuncoli.

The second part of the Hobgoblin vs Hobgoblin story arc continues with Parker and Modell running for dear life while the two Hobgoblins give chase.

The art for the book lead by artist Guiseppi Camuncoli looks nice. Ever since the last Lizard arc, I have to admit that the artwork is starting to grow and now I can say that its really nice. The facial expressions and action sequences are great although, the artist seems to have a hard time doing dynamic motions for the book. 

Slott goes and puts some nice little tidbits in preparation for his next arc which will “change Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s lives forever”. Its these little quirks that makes Spider-Man such an interesting read every moment. 

Slott’s nice writing made it possible to introduce crazy ideas such as Spider-Man taking a note from his archenemy Norman Osborn‘s secret arsenal…

Slott and company also manages to bring in a couple of loose characters that haven’t been seen in ASM for quite some time now including Harry Osborn

There’s this panel which made Harry Osborn look like Hughie from “The Boys”

Slott loves to tease us with a lot of stuff regarding to final issue of ASM which is rumored to be the last time we’ll get to see Peter Parker as Spider-Man for the time being. Another returning character that surfaces once again comes in the form of Norman Osborn who emerges from his coma. A coma he suffered in the pages of Avengers and New Avengers.Another Osborn nugget comes when we visit his secret stash…

There are also a number of Octobots running around the city and pointing back to the imminent return of Doctor Octopus next issue. 

Anyway there are a number of things to love in this issue. There’s a bit of Osborn’s, a little tension about the future of Peter’s super powered career and then there’s also that moment when we find out that Kingpin has more plans. Oh and then there’s also Julia Carter’s condition after her breakdown two issues ago.