A + X # 1 Spoilers

Some spoilers I wanted to share about A+X # 1 from Marvel Comics.

I’ve already posted a few pages for this book particularly the team-up between Hulk and Wolverine fighting off an attack by the Maestro and Wolverine from “Days of Future Past”.┬áCheck that post HERE

So now that’s out of the way here are some of the other things you must know about this new anthology book featuring different creative teams that teams up an Avenger and an X-Man.
In the first story for this book, we see a ‘team-up’ of sorts between Captain America, Bucky and Cable. The story is set during World War II with Cap and Bucky planning to sabotage the creation of Nazi Sentinels (I shit you not). Before either Cap or Bucky could do anything about it, Cable suddenly appears out of the sky with guns ablazing.

Yeah, both heroes proceed to trash the place with Bucky landing the killer blow on the Trask designed Sentinel.

Cap and Cable do a little banter with Captain America assuming that the Allied party won the war because Cable speaks English. Before leaving with Bolivar Trask in tow Cable bids them goodbye in bloody German much to the chagrin of Bucky.

The second story deals with a surprise attack on Avengers Tower by the Maestro and Wolverine from “Days of Future Past”. They are under orders to kill or eliminate an Avenger only to encounter the present version of Wolverine and Hulk.

Before they learn anything from their assailants, the time travellers disappear. In the future we find out that its actually the Red Hulk who they are targeting; and that the president in that timeline also happens to be the Red Hulk.

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