This week’s Hawkeye # 1 was surprisingly the best book this week. It’s the best in terms of art together with storytelling. Here are the two best moments from the said book.

Hawkeye-Zone- 000

I’m telling you the book looked hot from the first page, when we see Hawkeye falling off of a building and imitating the same style that Jeremy Renner did in the now classic “Marvel’s The Avengers” movie.

Hawkeye-Zone- 001

Which was also the same exact post in a cover for Ultimate Hawkeye…


There’s also a lot of human elements in this book that makes it really likeable such as Clint’s resolve to save his neighbors and go toe-to-toe against a group of Russian gangstas. It shows how much of an honorable man Clint Barton has become.

Hawkeye-Zone- 021

The last page also features something that’s going to throw Clint off of his element, a pet dog by the name of Arrow.

Anyway, right now I’m giving this book a perfect 10. 

Special thanks to Comicx Hub (that’s where I get my comic books by the way)