DC Comics just revealed the variant cover for Justice League # 12 by Jim Lee featuring Superman and Wonder Woman

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So this led me to ask the question “Should Superman and Wonder Woman date?”
My answer to that is yes. Followed by a “Why the hell not?” I mean come on, Both Supes and Diana have been around for decades. The entire continuity, let alone the old universe has been rebooted so why should creators avoid this long standing question. 
If you would have told me this a few years back I would have laughed at you and probably hurt you in a geeky kind of way but after the things that DC’s superheroes have gone through after the New 52 reboot I actually found myself saying yes. 
I’d like to deliver a few posits as to why it’s not such a bad idea for Superman and Wonder Woman   to finally hook up. 
For one, its only fair that Superman hook up with Wonder Woman especially since his longtime girlfriend and former wife from another timeline/universe Lois Lane is currently dating a certain Jonathan Caroll
Life sure sucks for the now underwear-less Superman as his wife now lands in the arms of the new character Caroll. This is of course in order to make things more interesting for the Big Blue boy scout. I’m one of the fans that really hated this idea; after all, Lois and Clark have been a couple for decades now. 
Now that it’s been announced that Clark and Diana are going to be a couple, this changes the dynamics. It could also yield some interesting character moments not just for Superman but also for Lois and Wonder Woman and the rest of their respective supporting cast. 
The relationship may also have negative and positive effects with the rest of their teammates in the Justice League
This gives in new perspective and new conflict which keeps things dynamic and free flowing. After all having an all-stiff Justice League sounds boring and dry. By throwing this gear in the cog, you see sparks fly and thereby improve sales for DC’s flagship JL book. 
The ending for Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Alex Ross also shows us mere mortals what it would be like if Diana and Kal moved on to the next phase of their relationship. [I could’ve sworn there were added bits about this baby in ‘The Kingdom‘ but I choose to forget about that]. 

Of course there might be some confusion regarding the power levels of this kid but I can definitely assure you that if we ever come to that the child of New 52 Superman and Wonder Woman will be a power player. It’s not everyday you’ll get to see a meta that’s half Kryptonian and one fouth Greek Deity.

Speaking of power, imagine the LQ (Lovers’ quarrel) between the two. Things like infidelity and other crap will also appear to be a problem in any relationship. Now imagine it tenfold if its Superman and Wonder Woman…

or this:

It’s also going to really be interesting to see these two fight in like say a crossover between their books and then towards the epilogue of the crossover we get to see them talk and make up/make out.

Really depends on you but as an individual comic fan I’d really go out of my way and say “yes” to this new development.