Here are the two upcoming covers for the upcoming Marvel Now books (read relaunch) namely Invincible Iron Man # 1 and Thor God of Thunder # 1.

The new book will focus again on Tony Stark and his new Iron Man armors. Yes, its ARMORS. Apparently Kieron Gillen has plans to provide us with more than just one armor through his different story arcs.

Knowing Gillen’s writing style I’m confident that he’s going to give us a completely different Tony Stark from what we’ve seen and read during Matt Fraction’s “Invincible” run.

I’m really hopeful that Gillen and Land (who previously worked on Uncanny X-Men volume 2) would be doing their best to give us high quality tech espionage. Based on the article posted by CBR, it also seems like Stark would be returning to his old playboy ways. Could this mean that he’s officially dropping Pepper Potts from his cross hairs and setting his sights on new conquests?

And then there’s also Thor: God of Thunder written by Jason Aaron with art by Esad Ribic.

Aaron plans to do a time jumping story arc featuring three iterations of Thor. There’s the hotblooded and young Thor who hangs out with Vikings; the modern day Thor (who is currently hanging out with the Avengers) and finally an old and grizzled Thor who happens to be the last king of Asgard.

Thor will be fighting against one specific villain; a new character who has a vendetta against gods and immortals. Apparently the young Thor encounters this bad guy when he was younger as well as in the modern times and lives to see said villain grow in terms of power tremendously in his older age.

Who this guy and what he has in store for Thor will be released in November, 2012. Really excited to see these reinventions of classic Marvel Comics characters. Oh and Uncanny Avengers will also be coming out really soon.