Chief Justice Renato Corona aka CJ Corona has officially been impeached from his position after the verdict handed down by the impeachment courts lead by Juan Ponce Enrile and the rest of the senator judges.

The game  trial ended with a 20-3 votes. The Senate court has also been adjourned. The three senator judges that voted to acquit CJ Corona includes Miriam Defensor Santiago, Joker Arroyo and Bong Bong Marcos.

Social networks like Twitter and Facebook lit up after the announcement. Some of the more creative members of the site also shared their own funny memes based on the events that has transpired. 
People either loved Senator Lapid’s speech. But the strongest thing that struck people was his diction. I’m not discriminating the guy. The other factor? Lapid together with Sen. Revilla voted to convict Renato Corona
I was surprised to learn that Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago voted to acquit Corona. I was half expecting her to go and destroy. Funny meme that came out through today’s trial was #unlispeech to 8888. Because that woman can go like a gattling gun.