New Clips and Viral Videos from Prometheus for June 6 Release

Prometheus draws nearer with its June 6, 2012 and to celebrate the earlier release of this “Alien” prequel from 20th Century Fox here are several new clips for the movie.

And while were at it, here’s the Malaysian poster for Prometheus as posted on

So check out some of the latest clips and viral videos for Prometheus 3D…

Here’s the Vickers (Theron) Featurette

Charlize Theron looks really lovely in this new movie. Oh and yes, this is Ridley Scott’s baby so this should be good.

Here’s another featurette from the film featuring the inception/ creation of the “prequel” movie. And “Lost” fans should also rejoice as they get to see Damon Lindelof talk about the creation of the film.

Next is the in-movie viral video featuring Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw…

I totally love how they build the backstory for each character. We’ve got Shaw (Rapace) discovering the cave markings and then joins a team to find our so-called “makers” (read Space Jockeys) and she’s very deadset on gaining the funding for the exploration.

And then there’s DAVID (played by Michael Fassbender).

From Magneto to the lead character from SHAME, we get to see this guy playing the role of an android who joins the team of explorers in Prometheus.

PROMETHEUS 3D comes out June 6 from 20th Century Fox!

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