Spoilers for Batman Annual # 1 by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV

In this issue we get to see the origin of Batman rogue Mr. Freeze. Its also a tie-in to Night of the Owls happening in all the Bat-books.

So in a nutshell, Mr. Freeze goes and makes his grand escape from Arkham Asylum. During the escape he comes in contact with The Penguin and takes back his guns. He also goes and tries to end his vendetta with Bruce Wayne.

Before he reaches Wayne however he went through these guys…

Robin and Nightwing
Yest that is Nightwing and Robin

Of course since they’re not the star of this book, they get their asses handed to them.

Bruce Wayne/ Batman calls out Freeze and when the baddie reaches the penthouse, Batman reaches the scene.

Batman Annual Batman Splash

Batman and Freeze fight and its during this battle that we find out that Nora Fries isn’t Victor’s wife…

The Origin of Nora Fries in Batman Annual 1

As Batman explains to readers, “Nora” is actually the very first cryogenic patient. Freeze wrote a thesis about her. He also developed an obsession with the patient going as far as saying that she is his wife.

Strike two for the retcon machine was inadvertent cause of Freeze’s transformation. In the old canon, Freeze became an the meta that he is because of an accident in his lab. By himself. The annual tells the story differently.

The Origin of Mr. Freeze Batman Annual 1
In the New 52 universe, Bruce Wayne was partly responsible for Freeze’s transformation into the being that we know him. We also find out that he is actually working for Wayne Industries working on freeze related projects.